Oncology Massage Sessions are funded by donations and are provided at no cost to patients who are newly diagnosed or in active treatment.

The cost of one oncology massage session for a cancer patient is $50.

 Won't you consider giving a gift of an oncology massage session.

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Oncology massage is a combination of knowledge, skilled massage, heart and compassion.  It is a gentle, supportive massage that can provide comfort and relaxation to those recently diagnosed, in treatment, or recovering from cancer.

Oncology massage is a complementary therapy that works in conjunction with your treatment. The benefits of oncology massage include:

  • improved sleep
  • easing of pain
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced fatigue
  • help in controlling nausea


Is Massage Therapy Safe for People Living with Cancer?

Yes, when practiced by a skilled therapist with background or training in massage and cancer. If this was not covered in their basic training in detail, they should have advanced training in the work.

hand massage

Massage should be modified to work around side-effects or complications of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and medications. Blood counts should be considered in massage design, as well. Even after years of survivorship, there are a few simple but critical adjustments in massage therapy, for example, if lymph nodes were removed or treated with radiation, or if bone metastases are present.

Therapists with experience or training are aware of these and other adaptations for cancer treatment. Be sure to see a massage therapist who asks about treatments during the interview and who explains any needed massage modifications.

A skilled therapist will combine a thorough intake process with sound clinical judgment and clear communication about what to expect in the session. She or he will adapt the massage to your needs and requests, fashioning a hands-on session that relaxes, energizes and reduces pain and discomfort.

Can Massage Spread Cancer?

No, it cannot. Massage of a solid tumor site should be avoided, but there is more to a person than a tumor site.

An old myth warned that massage could, by raising general circulation, promote metastasis since tumor cells travel through blood and lymph channels. We now recognize that movement and exercise raise circulation much more than a brief massage can, and that routine increases in circulation occur many times daily in response to metabolic demands of our tissues. In fact, physical activity usually is encouraged in people with cancer; there is no reason to discourage massage or some form of skilled touch. Massage is practiced widely at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and growing numbers of hospitals around the country. Metastasis is not a concern; instead, patients and researchers report countless benefits.

FAQ's courtesy of tracywalton.com

Oncology massage sessions for those who are newly diagnosed or currently undergoing treatment are provided free of charge through PinkHippy.org.  Our network of providers offers several locations.

To schedule a session or to request more information, please contact our coordinator at 508-304-3463


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