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Meditation sessions are open to all.  There is no fee for patients, survivors and a family member/caregiver. 


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Meditation is used to help reduce anxiety, relax the body and the mind, and to improve overall well-being.  It can help to minimize or reduce the side effects of cancer and its treatment as it promotes healing and recovery.

Controlled, deliberate breathing and purposeful thinking are common to all levels and forms of meditation. The ultimate goal is to separate yourself  mentally from your daily activities and those in the outside world to achieve relaxation. 

There are many types of meditation -

Guided meditation is a method of purposely directing your attention away from the present moment by focusing on particular images.  This form of meditation stimulates your imagination to create scenes in your mind, such as walking through a forest or on a beach, or lying in the cool grass by a beautiful lake, to achieve complete relaxation. 

Mindfulness Meditation is meant to refocus ones thoughts away from stress and anxiety toward a deliberate state of attention.  It uses the breath as a way of focusing awareness and remaining in the present moment by observing sensations, perceptions, and thoughts as they arise.  As you slow down enough to notice what is actually present you find that a space opens up inside.  This space allows for awareness and perspective, both of which are needed to accept the challenges you face - to allow things to be as they are and learn to "just be".  

Moving meditations can be both contemplative and enjoyable as they bring harmony to body,  mind and spirit.   There are structured forms such as tai chi, aikido, walking meditation, qigong, and yoga.  A moving meditation can also be completely your own creation, where you "go with the flow" and allow yourself to tune in to your innermost spirit and simply move your body as you free your mind.  

Transcendental Meditation involves repeating a word or phrase, called a mantra, either silently or aloud.  Chanting is a form of transcendental meditation.  The primary goal of this form of meditation is to increase your energy and lower your stress level by developing your concentration and focusing your mind. 

You may attend a meditation class with a trained teacher or simply listen to a CD.  Remember meditation is meant to relieve stress and not create it, so just let it happen and if it doesn't come easily just try it again at another time.   No matter what form of meditation you choose the ultimate goal is to reduce anxiety, relax the body and the mind, and to improve your overall well-being                             


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